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  • Haynes Project

    At this point with about 98% of my “restoration” completed, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to you, Stan and the crew for making my return home to a very renovated house possible after a 10 week displacement.

    You and Stan really complemented each other in your areas of expertise which is a real strength for your company. While my contact with the insurance and mortgage companies was minimal, thanks to your handling of these and other financial details, I have no doubt that you worked well and efficiently to keep the process moving. Stan consistently presented himself as the honest “do-it-right” kind of guy from the first time I met him in August until the completion of this project. His crews, including Eric and his tasks, were very competent, neat, and respectful of my space throughout each of their jobs on this project.

    Although experiencing the stress of massive tree damage to my house has not been easy, I must say that you, Stan and your company certainly helped me reclaim my house in a timely and competent way, such that in many ways it is in better shape now. The title of you company, “Can-Restore” says it all! I would definitely recommend this company to others who might need such services after some peril of nature or other catastrophic circumstance.

    Mary Earle Haynes