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  • A Basic Guide to the Effects of Fire Damage

    effects of fire damage rome gaFires are destructive and devastating. Even small fires that are contained quickly can do lasting damage. If you’ve never experienced a fire there are some things to know about what’s left behind.  Here’s a basic guide to the effects of fire damage.

    Where There’s Fire, There’s Smoke

    The smoke produced when a home is in flames, even a small part of the home such as the kitchen, can often do the most damage. If the fire is extinguished quickly with little damage to the structure or the interior, the smoke can still leave its mark, both literally and with the smell of the smoke and the charred wood. The smoke residue is not only dangerous and potentially toxic, but it smells really, really bad for a really, really long time.

    Water, Water Everywhere

    When extinguishing a fire it’s general practice to use water. Water is a huge factor when dealing with fire damage. It can often cause as much damage as the fire, sometimes more. And water left behind needs to be dealt with immediately, as it can cause the growth of mold and dangerous bacteria in the home.

    When we think of fire damage most of us imagine damage from the flames. The reality is that fire damage often consists mainly of smoke and water damage. If you become the victim of a house fire, no matter how small or how large, contact the experts at Can-Restore to help you put your house back together and repair the fire damage, getting you back in your home as quickly as possible. Contact your Rome, GA Can-Restore today.