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  • The ABC’s of Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Dalton

    fire and water damage restoration
    When you’ve experienced the devastation of fire or water damage, your emotions are in turmoil and your sense of stability completely disrupted. The last thing you want to think about is how to clean it all up. Here are the ABC’s of fire and water damage restoration so you don’t have to work though the how’s of it all.

    A.    Assessment

    Accurately assessing the damage is critical to the restoration timeline. A complete understanding of what the damage is and how extensive is crucial to an effective restoration.

     B.   Thorough Treatment

    From water removal and structure drying, dehumidifying and ventilation to cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing and soot, smoke and debris removal, fire and water damage  restoration requires thorough treatment and care. Leaving anything unattended can affect the quality of the restored home or business.

     C.   Repair and Restoration

    Quality repair of the structure, both the interior and exterior, as well as restoration of the salvageable items from in the home or business is the final step to successful fire and water damage restoration. Making the space livable is the ultimate goal. Proper and accurate repair and restoration are the final element in reaching that goal.

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