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  • Why Does the Fire and Water Damage Restoration Process Often Go Together?

    fire and water damage restoration process DouglasvilleA fire is devastating, and dealing with the aftermath can be overwhelming. What some people don’t expect is that with fire damage comes water damage. Here’s why fire and water damage restoration often go together.

    Where’s There’s Smoke, There’s Water?

    When you have a fire, it needs to be extinguished. How does that happen? With water. A whole lot of water, especially in a big house fire. And water flows down, so as the water hits the fire, and your home, it flows down through each floor, no matter where the fire is.

    After the Fire

    After a fire there is damage from the flames, from smoke and soot, and from water. That’s another reason why fire and water restoration go hand-in-hand. The only time you wouldn’t see fire and water restoration together is if it’s a very small fire put out by a fire extinguisher. And the damage from that still needs to be addressed by a professional, but the water damage element is removed.

    It’s Not Just the Water

    Fire and water restoration needs to address many things. The fire damage, the smoke and soot damage, the water damage, and the mold. Yes, mold. When water sits, mold can develop in as little as 24 hours. Mold is a serious issue. It can cause respiratory issues and it can create structural issues, as well as ruin furniture and belongings. Proper fire and water restoration addresses mold as seriously as it does every other aspect of the damage.

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