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  • Why Ignoring Fire Damage Cleanup Will Cost You

    Dalton Fire Damage CleanupA fire can cause a lot of damage to your home, to your sense of well-being and to your wallet, if you’re not careful. Dealing with fire damage and fire damage cleanup immediately after the event is critical to successful fire clean up. Ignoring it will cost you.

    Here’s why.

    Securing the Property By a Professional

    The first step to fire damage cleanup is securing the property to ensure no further damage occurs once the fire is extinguished. This needs to be done by a professional, either from the fire department or from a professional restoration company. Don’t wait for more damage; secure it right away. More damage will cost more for fire clean up.

    Water Extraction Needs to Start NOW!

    The water used to put out a fire can cause as much damage as the fire itself. Water extraction is a huge and important step in fire damage cleanup. If you ignore or put off this step the water will sit and more damage will occur including the growth of toxic and damaging mold and mildew.

    Smoke Odor Will Ruin Your Life

    There are instances of fire victims that didn’t completely deal with fire clean up immediately after the event and tried to live with the smoke odor, thinking it would eventually go away. It doesn’t, and some homeowners have had to demolish their homes and rebuild just to get rid of the smell. Don’t ignore smoke damage when dealing with fire clean up.

    Ignoring fire clean up may seem tempting, especially after a small fire. Don’t do it! It will, literally, cost you in the long run. The longer fire and water damage sit, the worse the situation becomes and the more costly the fire clean up. For more information, download the latest report on fire, water and smoke damage from the Dalton, GA Can-Restore.