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  • The Top Dangers Helped by Fire Damage Repair in Rome, GA Homes

    fire damage repair
    A fire itself is dangerous and devastating. The aftermath, however, if not handled by professionals, can also be dangerous. Here are the top dangers that require professional fire damage repair.


    Often during a fire, the structure of a home can be damaged. Roofs, floors and walls could be damaged and their strength compromised, resulting in the possibility of collapse. The fire department will inspect the building to determine when it’s safe to enter. A professional restoration company can then examine what work needs to be done to repair the structural damage.


    After responding to a house fire, the fire department will probably turn off the utilities, including water, gas and electric. It’s not safe to try to turn them back on yourself. During the course of fire damage repair, a restoration company can ensure the utilities are restored safely.


    Soot, smoke and water remain after a fire and can be surprisingly dangerous. Soot is a lung irritant and can cause respiratory damage or illness. The soot and the smoke can be toxic or contain toxins that are dangerous if you come in contact with them. Water as well can be dangerous, not only to be in contact with but it can often pool in places after it’s used to extinguish the fire and can be a slip hazard. If the electricity is turned on prematurely, or incorrectly, standing water can come in contact with the water creating an extremely dangerous situation. An expert can deal with all of these contaminants during the fire damage repair process, and make your home a safe environment again.

    Expedite your fire damage repair, and get it done quickly and correctly, by using a professional. For more information, download our latest report on Fire, Water, and Smoke Damage for your Rome, GA home and business.