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  • Important Fire Damage Restoration Facts for Homeowners

    fire damage restoration
    Even educated people often struggle with all the ins and outs of insurance eligibility and rights. Consider the following when dealing with fire damage restoration services.

    Property Value

    Do you know the actual value of the items in your home? Remember, insurance companies are only required by law to pay the minimum for your claims. You may not get fair compensation without proof of your property’s value. Keep receipts and take pictures of all your valuables before disasters. You’ll stand a better chance of getting the amount you’re owed.

    Time Limits to Settle

    Policies apply time limits on your ability to make claims on damages, and you only have so long to settle the claim. When negotiations for construction settlements take too long, for instance, your insurance company will either hand you a lump sum check for your policy or explain that you have reached your allotted time for receiving temporary living expenses and now must fend for yourself until construction is complete.

    Contractor Bids

    Getting quotes from more than one contractor means insurance companies may not agree to pay for all the work a more expensive company provides, even if that company is known for doing the best job. Not only that, but insurance companies have adjustors who may try to undercut your financial settlement. Make sure you only get quotes on fire damage restoration from specialists you can trust.

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