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  • 3 Facts About Fire Insurance Claims That Are Actually True

    fire insurance claims dallasEvery year, fires cause billions of dollars in damage to property. Fire insurance is the only way to protect yourself. Fire insurance is part of your homeowners insurance and covers the cost of loss or replacement for your home and your belongings. What you need to know about fire insurance claims is not a lot. Unless you have a fire. In which case you’ll need to know 3 facts about fire insurance claims.

    Record Keeping

    It’s great to have records of your belongings in the event you need to file fire insurance claims. But once the fire’s done damage, many of us realize we don’t have those records. Photos are actually a great tool in helping to evaluate the value of your property before the fire for replacement when you fill out fire insurance claims. Take photos now. Better to have them and not need them than, well, you know.

    Do It Now

    Report your fire insurance claim immediately. It’s important to get a copy of your declaration page for your policy to find out exactly what your fire insurance policy covers.

    Don’t Settle By Settling

    A check written for a fire insurance claim might seem like a lot of money, but be sure to accurately calculate the real value of your belongings, as well as the real cost of repair and restoration, before settling. Likewise, don’t claim items that you don’t actually have. That’s asking for trouble. And legal penalties.

    Most of us, hopefully, will never have to file fire insurance claims. But if you do have a fire and fire damage in Dallas, GA , contact Can-Restore today for help with the fire insurance claims process and to find out what they can do to restore your property and get you back on your feet.