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  • After the Fire: The Truth About Fire Water Damage Restoration

    fire water damage restorationWhere there’s smoke, there’s fire. And where there’s fire, there’s water, trying to put it out. Fire water damage is generally an unavoidable result of a fire. Firefighters trying to save a structure use enormous amounts of water in an attempt to extinguish the flame. The result is often more damage from the water than from the flames. After the fire is when the cleanup begins.

    Here is the truth about fire water damage restoration:

    Fire Damage

    Fire damage generally consists of damage to the structure, damage to the belongings within the structure, and soot and smoke damage.

    Water Damage

    Water damage can range from structural damage to damaged belongings to mold, mildew and the spread of toxins. Water takes everything with it, including chemicals and toxins, where it flows. If left untreated, water can cause the growth of toxic mold that can make a building unlivable.

    Fire Water Damage Restoration

    The truth about fire damage is that fire water damage is the worst of it. The water carries with it the toxins from the fuels burned in the fire in addition to creating a dangerous situation in and of itself. Fire water damage restoration is an extensive process that includes many steps including:

    Fire water damage restoration should only be done by a professional with the right training and equipment to address the damage effectively. Call the Rome, GA Can-Restore to find out about fire water damage restoration.