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  • Surprising Problems You May Face from Flood Damage

    Floods cause a surprising amount of damage and affect aspects of your home you may never have considered at risk. For example, flood victims often aren’t prepared for public sewers backing up into their homes, providing a host of new problems that only a professional can take care of.

    If your flooding is widespread, your city may have porta-potties available for residents. If the damage is contained to certain neighborhoods, simply moving to a relative’s home for a while, if possible, may be your best short-term solution. Drinking and cooking water will need to be boiled and water used sparingly for other purposes.

    If gas pipes burst or power lines fall, your utility company may have trouble keeping services active for your area. When it floods, families need to prepare to be without power for short stretches of time. Having a survival kit is essential in these situations.

    In addition, flooding can quickly lead to mold. It grows in wet or damp areas, and a home after a flood is a prime growing environment. Mold growth damages property and  causes serious health problems, especially for those with asthma or upper-respiratory problems. Mold compromise the structural integrity of a home, as well, so a professional should be consulted if spots on walls or ceilings are spotted after a flood.

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