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  • The 4 Most Surprising Things About House Fire Damage Clean Up

    Is it true what they say about house fire damage clean up?

    House Fire Damage Clean UpThe worst part of a fire is the fear and panic, but running a close second is dealing with house fire damage clean up. The aftermath is when reality sets in, but the process might actually surprise you.

    Here are 4 things you should know.

    1. It’s Often More Extensive Than You Imagine
      This is the bad news. Fire damage can include soot and smoke that will go places you can’t see including behind walls, under flooring, in crawl spaces, and in vents. The cleaning process isn’t just about what you can see.
    1. There’s Danger Lurking
      Although we often think once we sweep or mop or clean an area after a fire that it’s done and it’s all good. The surprise here is that even when everything looks cleaned up, there are hidden dangers. The primary danger is the toxic residue left behind when synthetic materials burn. An expert has the knowledge and experience to tackle every angle of the damage.
    1. It’s Often About the Water, Not the Fire
      It’s often really surprising when people find out that one of the most damaging aspects of a fire is the water that’s left behind after it’s extinguished. Water is damaging to your belongings and your home, and it can leave toxic mold in its wake. Water damage after a fire is serious business.
    1. You Don’t Have to Go it Alone
      Cleaning up after a fire can be daunting and overwhelming. Where do you start? Surprisingly enough, the answer is simple. Start by calling a restoration company. Even a small fire will require some type of professional cleanup after the fact. Get help from the experts.

    There are many surprising things about the aftermath of a fire.

    Don’t let dealing with a professional restoration company be one of them. Count on Can-Restore for house fire damage clean up that will make it easier, not harder. Call us today at (770) 400-9047.