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  • The Most Important Factors in Smoke Damage Cleanup for Rome, GA

    smoke damage cleanupWhen you’ve experienced a fire and are managing the aftermath, it’s helpful to understand what you’re dealing with. One of the biggest issues after a fire is smoke damage. It can be extensive and extremely damaging, as well as dangerous. Here are some of the most important factors in smoke damage cleanup.


    The longer you wait to call in a professional to assess the damage after a fire the more difficult smoke damage cleanup can turn out to be. Smoke damage can take time to present itself. Professional evaluation of the damage can allow you to create a plan as soon as possible.


    Understanding the damage from fire and smoke can be complicated as smoke can travel in unexpected ways throughout your home, including in enclosed spaces where your ducts and pipes run. Knowledge of the type of fire is essential to smoke damage cleanup as different fires create different types of smoke, therefore different types of damage. Not only does smoke damage your walls and furniture in the immediate area of the fire, but it also affects your clothing, appliances, chrome fixtures and even your food.  Proper smoke damage cleanup requires an expert understanding of the damage.


    Smoke damage cleanup requires a professional who understands the intricacies of the damage smoke can do to a home and who has the expertise and equipment to do the job effectively. Attempting smoke damage cleanup on your own can cost you more money in the long run. Not doing it right the first time can allow the smoke to cause more damage the longer it sits untreated.

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