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  • Expert Insider Info On Mold Abatement After Water Damage in Dallas GA

    water damageMost people are aware of mold that exists in homes and buildings. Here is some insider information from the experts on mold abatement after water damage.

    What is Mold Abatement?

    Mold abatement, simply, is the removal or remediation of mold. It’s the process of eliminating existing mold from an environment and treating that environment to prevent future mold growth.  Mold is a huge risk after water damage.

    The Process

    1. Containment
    2. Removal and disposal of moldy material
    3. Treating the environment
      1. Using an antimicrobial solution on the interior of the building where mold was present
      2. Using an air scrubber to get rid of airborne mold

    During the mold abatement process, professional services will often also offer storage of items not affected by mold, recovery and restoration of furniture, documents and other items, and demolition of the structure if necessary.

    Can I DIY It?

    It can be tempting to try to cut costs by doing it yourself, but mold abatement is a delicate and specific process that requires the expertise of a professional. Not only is it critical to properly identify all of the surfaces affected by mold growth, but mold is a health hazard and needs to be addressed properly. Long exposure to mold can cause many health related issues. Mold abatement and water damage professionals wear protective gear to prevent exposure.

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