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  • Mold and Air Quality Testing, Is It For Real?

    mold and air quality testing DouglasvilleMold is a real problem, especially in the warm, humid climate of the south, which makes for the ideal environment for mold growth. Once mold takes hold, the mold damage can get extensive and the mold spores that develop can be dangerous, even toxic. There are several ways to test for mold, including air quality testing. But is it reliable? Is it accurate? In short, is mold and air quality testing real?

    The Truth About Mold

    Mold can take hold anywhere there is the right amount of humidity and the right temperature, which means many houses in the south are at risk for mold damage. And mold can do more than just cause damage to your home and your belongings. Mold produces mycotoxins which can be toxic and can cause health issues including allergic reactions and respiratory symptoms that can lead to wheezing and even asthma.

    Mold and Air Quality Testing

    Air quality testing can be done in any home for any reason. Air quality testing can test for pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, dust and dust mites, chemicals and other toxins that come from the cleaners and synthetic materials present in our homes. Mold testing can also be done with air quality testing. This tests the air for mold spores and checks for the concentration in the air in your home. This is helpful when you cannot see mold growth but think it might be present. This is important because it’s a more accurate read on the amount of spores affecting your environment than surface testing can show.

    Air quality testing for mold is for real. The most important part of air quality testing for mold is to take the results and take action. Contact Can-Restore now to schedule your air quality testing today and protect yourself against mold damage in your Douglasville, GA home.