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  • How Mold Inspections After Water Damage in Douglasville Can Keep You Safe

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    If you have even the slightest inkling that mold may be growing in your home, you should seriously consider mold inspection after water damage. The primary goal of mold inspection is to determine if mold is present and where it is. Even if you already know you have mold in your house, mold inspection can help find it where you can’t see it.

    Basic Mold Info

    Mold grows in humid, warm environments. It can cause mold allergies and health issues in people with repeated or constant exposure. Mold spreads, especially if the water damage issue isn’t addressed.

    Knowing When There’s Mold

    Some signs of mold include allergic symptoms such as headaches, congestion, watery eyes, runny nose, fatigue and respiratory issues. Mold also has a smell, sometimes known as “that mildewy smell.” And if you have had a flood or a leak or you have a water damage or moisture issue somewhere in your house, it’s likely you have mold. You need a mold inspection to confirm.

    Mold Inspection

    Professional mold inspectors use specialized equipment to test for the presence of mold. From moisture meters to air quality testing, mold inspection can find mold even when you can’t see it.

    Mold is pervasive and it’s toxic and dangerous. Sometimes you can see it, but often times it hides. The best way to identify mold is mold inspection, so you can proceed immediately with mold removal and restoration to insure the safety of your home.

    Contact a specialist today to schedule mold inspection after water damage in your Douglasville, GA home or business.