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  • Is Mold Removal a DIYProject?

    mold removal a diy project dallas gaMold is gross. It creates a huge mess when it grows and it propagates so quickly, it seems hard to get a handle on. The worse news, however, is that it is also totally toxic and really dangerous. Once you have it in your home you want it out and you want it out now. So the big question becomes, is mold removal a DIY project?

    Sometimes. Here’s when DIY mold removal is ok.

    It’s on something small.
    If mold is present in your home and it’s only on something small that is easily cleaned, or better yet, removed, go ahead and take care of it yourself.

    It’s on something easy to clean.
    If you find mold in your bathtub or your shower, go ahead and clean it. Mold removal in those areas is not only easy, it’s really common. Many people find they have mold and mildew in their bathing areas. Just be sure to take care of the mold removal before it spreads.

    Here are locations mold removal is not a DIY project.

    Everywhere else.
    Mold that grows in your home on the walls or ceilings or floors can spread quickly. Not only does it spread quickly but it gets underneath the flooring and between the walls and into the wood and drywall. Mold removal by a remediation specialist is necessary when mold is present because mold is dangerous and toxic. It can cause a number of serious health issues including allergy-like symptoms, headaches, nasal stuffiness, congestion and respiratory issues including asthma.

    Mold is no joke, and neither is mold removal. A remediation specialist can take care of the mold removal as well as treat the area to prevent regrowth. When there is moisture or water from a flood or a leak, mold is almost guaranteed. Trust your home and your health to Can-Restore and their mold removal specialists. Contact them today for help with mold removal in your Dallas, GA home.