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  • How to Know When You Need Professional Damage Restoration

    professional damage restoration romeFloods and storms and fires and hail, they all happen. Darn it. But when they happen to you and cause damage, the key is to rebuild and get back to life as you know it. Or as close to it as you can. But how? You can’t do it yourself. Can you? Here’s how to know when you need professional damage restoration.

    Storm Damage

    The south is prone to big storms that are no joke. If you’ve experienced hail, extreme wind, or even a hurricane, chances are pretty good there’s some damage to your home or business. If it’s more than just a couple of tree branches that are down, it’s a good guess that you will need damage restoration. Roof and siding repairs, tree removal, and repair of power and telephone lines are common after a big storm. Not DIY fixes.

    Fire Damage

    One of the biggest issues after a fire is smoke damage. The soot and residue left after a fire takes specialized equipment and techniques to clean up effectively and safely. Damage restoration can salvage what is restorable and repair the damage from the fire in addition to cleanup.

    Flood and Water Damage

    The biggest concern after a flood or water damage is mold. Mold is toxic and dangerous and if left untreated can make a home uninhabitable. Mold treatment and remediation by damage restoration professionals is essential to get rid of the mold and make your home or business safe.

    If you have damage to your home or business from a storm, fire or flood, it can be tempting to try to tackle the cleanup on your own. But it can be a huge task that requires professional attention, equipment, products and know-how. Contact Can-Restore today to find out about damage restoration in Rome, GA and what they can do for you.