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  • Do You Really Need Professional Fire Cleanup? How to Tell

    Rome GA Professional Fire CleanupSo you’ve had a fire. Maybe it’s a small one, a kitchen fire or a small fire from a candle. No matter the size, a fire can be pretty scary! But once it’s extinguished and everyone is safe and the crisis is over, it’s time to assess the fire damage. The fire cleanup might look like an easy job, maybe you could DIY, but how can you know? Here’s how to tell if you need professional fire cleanup.

    #1 TIP:   You always need professional fire cleanup. That’s the bottom line. Here’s why.

    Smoke Damage

    Smoke damage alone is a huge issue in fire cleanup. Smoke is not a solid, it doesn’t stop at the wall, and it can move into parts of your home you didn’t know existed. It gets behind walls and under flooring, into the attic and into storage spaces, and it permeates any fabric it comes in contact with. Only a professional knows how smoke moves and how to address the smoke damage during fire cleanup to permanently alleviate not only the residue, but the insidious and lingering odor from the smoke.

    Which Brings Us to Odor Elimination

    If you’ve had a fire you know how awful the smoke smells, and that smell can linger for months and even years unless it’s properly treated. People have been known to do a complete demolition and rebuild of their homes because of smoke odor from a fire. For comprehensive fire cleanup, the smoke and the odor need to be addressed with ozone treatment, smoke odor cleaning and air purification.

    Professional fire cleanup is the only way to truly manage fire damage, no matter how small the fire. Want more information from a professional? Contact Can-Restore and talk to an expert about your fire cleanup needs for your Rome, GA home or business.