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  • What Happens During Professional Storm Restoration?

    professional storm restoration dalton gaSpring has sprung! And with it comes spring storms. And with spring storms comes spring storm damage, with summer storm damage right on its heels. Everyone looks forward to spring and summer, but storm damage can take a bit of the fun out of the seasons. If you do have storm damage this spring or summer, here’s what you need to know about what happens during professional storm restoration.

    First Comes the Storm Restoration Evaluation

    When you have a storm and you have storm damage, whether it’s from something as catastrophic as a tornado or a common as water damage, the first thing that needs to happen is damage evaluation. Professionals will look at the damage and determine the right course of action for the next step in storm restoration.

    Storm Restoration Process Start to Finish

    Depending on the type of storm and the type and extent of the damage, different types of restoration will begin. If you have water damage, the first step is water extraction. If you have a fire from lightening or some other electrical issue, the repairs and treatment will begin, including smoke cleaning and ozone treatment.

    Pack Outs, Storage, Repair and Restoration

    If there is enough storm damage to require belongings to be removed from the premises in order for storm restoration to be completed, those belongings will be packed up and stored. These items may also be damaged and, if salvageable, will be repaired and restored as well.

    Storm restoration is not uncommon in the south during the spring and summer months. For more information on storm damage as well as fire, water and smoke damage for your home or business, take a look at Can-Restore and download our latest report.