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  • What Restoration Companies Should Be Telling You About Water Damage

    water damageIf you have water damage and you want information, restoration companies are a great resource. How can you tell if they’re reliable? Here is what restoration companies should be telling you about water damage.

    It’s No Joke

    Water damage is no joke. It’s very serious for many reasons. Unlike some other types of damage, water damage can cause some very serious health concerns. Restoration companies can tell you that water damage left untreated can lead to the growth of toxic mold. Mold can cause very serious health related issues including allergic symptoms such as stuffy nose, itchy eyes and sore throat, and more serious concerns including respiratory illness and asthma. A restoration company that tells you not to be concerned about water damage is not to be trusted.

    It Requires a Professional

    Of course restoration companies want you to call a professional, right? Well, yes, but for good reason. Restoration companies have the right equipment, right products, and expertise to address water damage effectively. Not only does a restoration company extract the water and do the cleanup, but they ensure that the moisture is completely removed, that the property and the structure are safe, and that there is no mold or toxins left behind that can make you sick. Don’t trust a restoration company that tells you it’s ok to DIY water damage cleanup.

    You expect some service companies to feed you a line and hook you with exaggerated claims. But when you’re dealing with water damage, it’s good to know what restoration companies should be telling you.

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