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  • Smoke Damage Clean Up Is Harder Than You Think. Here’s Why.

    Dalton smoke damage clean upIf you’ve ever been the victim of a fire, you know about smoke damage. If you haven’t, it’s a pretty rough time. After a fire, smoke damage clean up is harder than you think. Here’s why.

    Smoke damage is unpredictable.

    Although smoke moves like air, it contains particles from the fuel burned during the fire, water vapor, and other elements which make it stick to surfaces. And because it moves like air, it can get into every crack and crevice in your home. Smoke damage occurs in areas that can’t be easily seen or accessed, which is one of the primary reasons smoke damage clean up can be so hard.

    Smoke can vary depending on the fuel burned and therefore can require different types of smoke damage clean up.

    When fire burns wood and other natural materials, the smoke damage and soot is dry and dusty, which results in less complex smoke damage clean up efforts. However, when the fuel includes typical household materials such as plastics and other synthetic materials, the clean up is more difficult. That type of smoke damage and soot is sticky and smeary.

    The professionals will tell you that smoke damage clean up is harder than you think. It’s not as straightforward and obvious as grabbing a bucket and mop. If you’ve had a fire and have smoke damage, contact the Dalton, GA Can-Restore for comprehensive smoke damage clean up.