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  • Smoke Damage Removal By the Numbers

    smoke damage removal dallas gaHave you had a fire? If yes, than you have smoke damage. What do you do? Here is smoke damage removal by the numbers.

    #1: Contact a Professional

    Immediate response after a fire is a critical first step. In order to begin smoke damage removal, assessment is necessary, and the sooner it gets assessed, the sooner the smoke damage removal can begin.

    #2: Soot and Smoke Residue Cleaning

    Soot and smoke residue are made up of the molecules from the smoke. The type of soot and smoke residue present after a fire depend on what burned. Proper smoke damage removal will address the different types of soot and smoke residue to ensure the appropriate cleaning methods.

    #3: Ozone Treatment and Air Purification

    Smoke damage removal includes the critical step of ozone treatment and air purification to make sure your home is safe and the air is clean before you return.

    #4: Cleaning and Restoration

    Smoke damage removal includes cleaning and restoration of everything that was affected by the smoke damage. This includes your personal belongings, furniture, carpeting, flooring, drywall, curtains and drapes, and even wallpaper.

    When you’ve had a fire there are a lot of steps to take that will return your home to it’s original condition and allow you to live in it again. Smoke damage removal is one of the most important elements in the fire restoration process.

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