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  • Why Improper Smoke Odor Removal Can Leave Your House in a Funk

    Rome GA Smoke Odor RemovalIf you’ve had a fire you know that the worst part might actually be the smoke damage. The smell! Oh that terrible smell. It’s not a nice campfire smoke smell. It’s a lingering pungency that makes you want to desert your home and head for greener (smelling) pastures. Because of this, smoke odor removal is critical, and if done improperly, can leave your house in a funk.

    Smoke is like air, it travels to places we can’t reach. It goes behind walls and gets absorbed by insulation. It goes into vents and ducts and around plumbing and wiring. It soaks into fabrics in clothing and on furniture and in draperies. And it smells bad everywhere it goes. That’s why smoke odor removal is so important.

    It may be tempting to try smoke odor removal ourselves. Open a few windows, deodorize the carpet, do some laundry, vacuum the floor. What’s so hard about that? That’s not hard, it’s true. But it’s also not effective.

    Smoke odor removal requires professional tools and equipment, products and knowledge to be done properly. Without the ability to use ozone treatment and air purifiers and smoke odor cleaning, DIY smoke odor removal will result in a lingering smell that you just can’t get rid of.

    Get your house out of its smoke damage funk by trusting the professionals to handle your smoke odor removal. Contact the Rome, GA Can-Restore and talk to an expert about your smoke damage today.