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  • 2 Biggest Smoke Restoration Misconceptions in Dalton, GA

    Smoke RestorationWhen you need smoke restoration it’s hard to know what to do and who to call. Understanding what smoke restoration is can help you with this process. But how can you sort out the truth from the fiction? Here are the 2 biggest smoke restoration misconceptions that can help you find information.

    Smoke is Smoke is Smoke

    All smoke is not created equal. There are 4 basic types of smoke:

    Damaged? Toss and Replace

    A common smoke restoration misconception is that smoke and fire damaged belongings need to be discarded and replaced. The truth is that during fire and smoke restoration a reliable professional can effectively clean your items, removing odor and contaminants, and restore them to their original condition. During the smoke restoration assessment process, an expert can help you decide what is salvageable and what isn’t.

    Smoke restoration information getting skewed? Trying to sort through the truth from the misconceptions? Call an expert in Dalton, GA today to get the skinny on smoke restoration.