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  • Master the Art of Storm Damage Insurance With These 3 Tips

    Stock illustration of Kendo TrainingYou don’t need to be a warrior to manage storm damage insurance.

    There are plenty of horror stories about uninsured homes with devastating storm damage. And everyone wonders why these people don’t have insurance! But maybe they do – they just don’t have the right insurance.

    Do you have the right insurance? Do you even know? If you have to face storm damage insurance, you need to understand the ins and outs of insurance coverage. Here are some tips to help.

    Tip #1: Look at Your Policy Now, Before You Need It

    Most of us only look at our insurance policies when we need to file a claim or change insurance carriers, right? And even then we don’t really pay attention or try to understand what our coverage is. But it’s really important to know what you’re covered for, especially when it comes to storm damage insurance. If you’re having trouble interpreting your policy, contact your insurance agent and ask them to review it with you.

    Tip #2: Understand that Not All Storm Damage Is Covered

    As a general rule of thumb, most homeowners insurance policies have storm damage insurance coverage that includes wind damage, tornadoes and hail. Please take note that most storm damage insurance does not include flooding! This is a big deal, especially when one of the most common types of storm damage is flooding.

    strong>Tip #3: Define Flooding

    Check your policy to determine how your insurance company defines a flood. Most carriers will define a flood as water that builds up within, or enters from without a structure. A flood does not need to be caused by a force of nature. In other words, storm damage insurance probably doesn’t cover flooding that is from a leaky roof that lets water in during a downpour or a cracked foundation that leads to a flooded basement during the rainy season. You need to add flood coverage.

    To sum up, check your policy to fully understand your storm damage insurance coverage. Now is not too soon, but after a flood is definitely too late.

    Do you need help dealing with storm damage insurance and storm restoration after a major weather event?

    Call Can-Restore today at (770) 400-9047 for restoration help that’s probably covered by your storm damage insurance policy.