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  • Why Storm Damage Property Repairs Can Put You In the Poor House

    storm damage property repair daltonBig storms and storm damage can really take a toll. There is an emotional and psychological cost to a storm besides the physical damage done to your property. It can be devastating and heartbreaking. And when it comes down to brass tacks, the truth is that property damage repairs can put you in the poor house. If you’re not prepared. Here’s how to deal with the potential cost of property damage repairs.

    Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

    Most storm damage is covered by insurance. With the exception of floods, which need additional coverage that a standard homeowners policy generally doesn’t cover, the cost of property damage repairs is covered by your insurance. This includes damage from hail and wind. If you don’t have insurance, get some. If you do have insurance, check your policy. Make sure it covers any property damage repairs you might run into with a severe storm.

    Hire the Right Professional

    When you’re facing property damage repair from storm damage, hiring the right professional to help you through the process can help you keep your money in your pockets. A trustworthy company will not only accurately and honestly assess the damage and the cost of the property damage repairs, but they will also work directly with your insurance company to file the right claims and obtain payment within the confines of your coverage.

    When your home is damaged by a storm the last thing you need is to end up in the poor house dealing with storm damage property repairs. Can-Restore is reliable and trustworthy, with decades of experience dealing with storm damage and the insurance claims that go with it. Got questions? Call Can-Restore today.