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  • Help is On the Way! How Storm Damage Restoration Comes to the Rescue

    Businessman shelteringDon’t panic! How storm damage restoration can help.

    It’s still hurricane season, and it’s still crazy weather season. In fact, most of the country has been seeing unusual weather all year. So if you have storm damage, rest assured you are not alone. And don’t panic! Because storm damage restoration can help. Here’s how.

    What Caused Your Storm Damage?

    Was it lightning? Wind? Rain? Tornadoes? Whatever kind of crazy weather is going on in your area, there are a few pretty common causes of storm damage. The most common comes from water. When there is a downpour or torrential rain, houses can get overwhelmed and water can get in. Whether gutters and downspouts are blocked or installed improperly or there are cracks in the foundation or the landscaping grade next to your house doesn’t slope away, rainwater can be a huge cause of damage during a storm.

    Another common cause of damage that requires storm damage restoration is wind. We’ve all seen pictures of trees and tree branches that have fallen on cars and houses and garages, but we don’t often imagine it can happen to us. High winds can cause an enormous amount of damage and is one of the more common reasons for needing storm damage restoration.

    What Can You Do After the Storm?

    Storm damage restoration is often needed after major weather events, and sometimes after minor events. When water gets into your home storm damage restoration will need to include water extraction and drying out of your home and belongings, mildewcide and mold testing and mitigation to treat mold that can grow quickly after moisture invades your home, air quality testing and treatment, and restoration of damaged belongings and structural damage.

    When high winds take down trees and branches on your property, storm damage restoration companies will use cranes to remove the branches. Cranes will prevent further damage by lifting the trees and limbs instead of cutting and pulling on them.

    If you have storm damage, don’t panic! Storm damage restoration companies have got your back.

    Check out Can-Restore now to help you manage any storm damage restoration in and around your home.