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  • The Most Surprising Causes of Fire and Smoke Damage in Douglasville, GA

    fire and smoke damageMost everyone has a fear in common: fear of fire. Not fire in general, but a house fire. A house fire, not matter how small, can cause extensive fire and smoke damage. There are some surprising, and not so surprising, causes of fire and smoke damage you should know about.

    Smoke Detectors

    Really? Smoke detectors? Well, not functioning smoke detectors. But it’s surprising how many homes have non-functional smoke detectors. Either they’re malfunctioning or they’re missing batteries, but smoke detectors that don’t work when there’s a fire can lead to more fire and smoke damage than if the fire was detected and extinguished right away.

    Bad Wiring

    Old wiring is often a cause of fire in a home. Make sure you replace old circuit breakers and outdated appliances to avoid fire and smoke damage from faulty wiring.

    Clothes Dryer

    When lint builds up in the dryer, and when it builds up in the vent, it creates a fire hazard. To prevent fire and smoke damage from your clothes dryer, be sure to clean your lint trap every time you use your dryer. Additionally, at least once a year be sure to vacuum in and around your dryer to remove any excess lint. A professional can blow out your dryer vent, or you can do it yourself with a strong shop vac in reverse mode.

    Preventing fire and smoke damage is easy by avoiding the above surprising causes of house fires. If you have a fire and have fire and smoke damage, get expert help immediately. Contact a Douglasville, GA expert today.