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  • 3 Top Questions Answered About Fire Cleanup in Douglasville

    fire cleanup
    You might be wondering about fire cleanup. You’re not alone! Here are a few of the top questions, and answers, about fire cleanup.

    Is All Fire Cleanup the Same?

    No. Fire cleanup depends on many factors.

    A professional restoration company will assess the type of fire, along with the soot and smoke residue, to determine the type of fire and what was burned. That will determine their course of action in the fire cleanup process.

    What are the Different Types of Fires?

    Can We Clean It Up Ourselves?

    After a fire, it seems easy enough to tackle the cleanup yourself. Can you do it? Yes, but you shouldn’t. It may look easy to clean, but between the residue from the smoke and the lingering smell from the smoke particulates, not to mention the general repair and restoration to the structure and the items inside, an expert should be called for any fire cleanup.

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