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  • The Truth About Black Mold Removal in Rome, GA

    Mold RemovalMold is bad, and black mold is really bad! Here are some truths about black mold and black mold removal that you should know.

    Don’t Touch It!

    Disturbing black mold can cause it to release millions of mycotoxins into the environment, which means into the air in your home. Black mold is highly toxic and avoiding contact with it is critical. Don’t try to clean it yourself! Black mold removal requires a professional to keep it from spreading.

    You Might Have to Move

    Don’t worry; it’s generally not permanent. But because black mold is so toxic, finding temporary housing during black mold removal is often preferential to staying put. Exposure can cause many severe symptoms and can make you extremely sick.

    Don’t Wait!

    This is imperative. If you have black mold in your home, or even if you suspect the presence of black mold, call a professional immediately. This type of mold is so highly toxic the top priority is keeping it from spreading. The second priority is the black mold removal.

    The truth about black mold is that it’s toxic and dangerous and you should not be exposed to it. The truth about black mold removal is that it requires specific expertise and should be left to a professional.

    Contact a Rome, GA mold compay now for more information or for immediate attention to a black mold issue.