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  • Trying to Manage Water Damage Clean Up the Old Way? Read This

    Dallas GA water damage clean upIn the old days, water damage clean up involved a vacuum and some fans. It worked, sort of… at least if the idea of throwing your damaged belongings away didn’t bother you. Today, new ways of dealing with water damage cleanup are more effective and help long-term. Here’s what you need to know about water damage clean up.

    Where the Water Comes From

    One of the most common causes of water damage is from storm damage. When there are heavy rains, water can seep into your home in a variety of ways. Gutters and downspouts might be misplaced or incorrectly installed, could be blocked or broken. Foundations can get cracks, which allow water to seep into the structure. Even if your foundation is sound, sometimes the soil around a home could be graded improperly, which is likely to cause damage in time.

    The Truth About Water Extraction

    When water seeps in it takes more than a shop vacuum to deal with the water damage clean up. Professional storm damage restoration companies use high-powered equipment to extract the water. They then set up industrial fans to help complete the drying process.

    After Water Extraction

    Once the water is out, the water damage clean up is not over. One of the most important components of professional water damage clean up is mold and mildew treatment, removal and mitigation. Mold is a nasty byproduct of water damage that is unhealthy and toxic. Treating it is critical to successful water damage clean up.

    Managing water damage clean up the old way doesn’t address all of the important factors when you have storm damage. For more information, download the latest report on fire, water and smoke damage from the Dallas, GA Can-Restore.