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  • How Water Damage Mold Spores Can Make You Sick in Calhoun, GA

    Water DamageMold grows in predictable places and usually after water damage. Where there’s warmth and humidity, often mold is quick to follow. It can live indoors or outdoors, it can be different colors and textures, and it can be in plain sight or hidden behind walls, drywall, tile and under floors and ceilings. Mold is made up of spores, and it’s these mold spores that make you sick. Mold spores, when disturbed, become airborne and are inhaled. Once inhaled, health issues can result.


    The most common way that mold spores can make you sick is with allergic reactions. The symptoms of an allergic reaction include runny nose, itchy eyes, coughing, congestion, and skin irritation. Even in people who are not allergic, mold spores can cause irritation to the airway, skin and eyes.


    People with asthma can be especially sensitive to the effects of mold spores, as they can bring about asthma attacks or difficulty breathing.

    Severe Symptoms

    In people with compromised immune systems or respiratory disease, the symptoms from exposure to mold spores can be severe. This includes difficulty breathing, fever, chronic fatigue and headaches. Even in people with good health, constant exposure to high levels of mold and mold spores can cause these symptoms.

    There are many different reactions and many different symptoms that can develop from exposure to mold spores. This is evidence of the danger of mold. If you live in a home with mold present, getting the mold removed is the first step to recovery and improved health.

    For more information on water damage and mold spores and their affects, download our latest report on Fire, Water, and Smoke Damage for your Calhoun, GA home and business.