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  • Taking Advantage of Water Damage Restoration Services – Read These 4 Tips

    Douglasville water damage restoration servicesWater damage restoration services? Yuck! No one wants to deal with water damage. If you’ve had a flood of any size and you’re looking at cleanup, here are four tips that might help you get the most of restoration services:

    1. Call a water damage restoration services company.

    Call in the professionals. This is not the time for any DIY mumbo jumbo. If they don’t have emergency 24/7 help available, they’re not the company to call. Next!

    2. Call your insurance company.

    Starting the claims process is a great way to kick start restoration services. Your insurance company may or may not have recommendations for companies to use, but you generally do not need to hire them. You can usually choose the restoration services company you prefer. Check with your insurance company to be sure.

    3. Extraction and Drying: They need your help.

    Any help you can give in assisting with the water extraction and drying process will help with your restoration services. Start by staying out of rooms that might be dangerous. If the ceiling is sagging or there is standing water, wait for the pros. They don’t want to have to rescue you in the process of rescuing your home.

    4. Do not get a “head start” on this project.

    Do not plug in your vacuum and try to suck up the water. Do not run your appliances or fans or a hairdryer while standing on a wet floor in an attempt at getting the process started. Avoid injury by letting the experts handle the water damage restoration services.

    Want to know who to call to get the most of water damage restoration services? Can-Restore  is the one! Call them today for any water damage issues you’re facing in Douglasville, GA. (770) 400-9047