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  • The 3 Biggest Water Extraction Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    dallas water extraction mistakesWater extraction after a flood of any size is necessary to restore your home to its original condition. Though many people think a quick DIY can fix it right up, there are some things to look out for. Here are the 3 biggest water extraction mistakes, and how to avoid them.

    It’s Not Just What You See

    When you have a leak, even a very small one, water extraction is more than just wiping up the water around the site of the leak. Water flows downhill, so any little hole or crack is an open door for water and water damage.

    After a large floodwater can remain behind walls and under carpets and flooring. Restoration specialists can address the problem and thoroughly complete the water extraction process. This helps avoid further water damage.

    Got a Shop Vac?

    Lots of homeowners will grab their shop vacuum when they see signs of a flood and try to attempt the water extraction on their own. Two problems exist with this method. The first problem is the inability to truly get at all of the water in all areas. The second problem is disposing of the water. If there are chemicals or cleaners or other toxins in the water, it’s not safe to dump it out in the yard or even down the drain. Calling in a professional can help you deal with these issues.

     Never Assume

    Assuming you have the right equipment and know-how can often lead to incomplete water extraction, which can and will lead to further and more extensive water damage.

    When you have a leak or a flood of any size, contact the Dallas, GA Can-Restore as soon as possible to begin the water extraction process.